November 17, 2008

Not enough Heat in Toronto...

Raps are over .500 with their win over the Heat yesterday 107-96. There were some lineup moves, Bargnani started at the 3, Jamario was sent to the bench and Will Solomon (not bad) started at the point. Will Solomon had a great game as the starter (15pts, 11 assists) and Bargnani had a decent game (12 pts, 4 boards) too. Will Solomon played suprisingly well and did a great job filling in for Jose putting up Calderon-type numbers. JO played a great defensive game (18 boards, 2 blocks) and CB4 (27pts) did his thing as usual. The Raps played well all around with 7 players in double figures and they also beat the Heat on the boards. Raps are now 5-4 and take on the Magic on Tuesday. It will be a matchup of last season's 1st round playoff series. Raps will look to put the big bodies of Bosh, JO and Andrea Bargnani on Dwight Howard.

Don't forget to vote. It looks like Chris Bosh, Jermaine O'Neal and Jose Calderon are on this year's All-Star ballot.

Dirk Nowitzki blew up last night. Dirk pulled in 91.5 fps (fantasy points). Ok, now in real numbers? He had 39 points, 15 boards and 4 assists as the Mavs were trying to end a 5 game losing streak and were able to put away the New York Knicks in OT. Josh Howard played well too (scoring 31 and adding 14 rebounds) Also, in other news for the Mavs....Mark Cuban may be in trouble. According to the Dallas Morning News, he's been accused of insider trading with one of his internet companies.

Rasheed Wallace is a funny dude. Just watch the clip.


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