November 25, 2008

J.O. - Show or No Show for Wednesday?

According to the National Post, Jermaine O'Neal may be back Wednesday when they face the Bobcats. He's saying his knee is good but it will be day to day. Apparently, he thought if he showed up against the Celtics, it would motivate the team to perform well against the Champs.

Shoutouts to Cuzoogle. There's a contest to predict the date Sam Mitchell will get fired. The winner will get a prize of $25. Raps have a tough schedule coming up with big team opponents like Denver, Utah, Cleveland, LA Lakers, New Orleans and two more games against VC's Nets (ugh) Speaking of firing coaches, Eddie Jordan has been fired as the Wizards head coach according to the Washington Post. The Wizards are 1-10.

According to Out of Left Field, the Red Rocket, Matt Bonner wants to join Team Canada.

Here's props to co-contrbutor Sean and his Bulls, here's the finish to last night's Bull's game. Larry Hughes sealed it with the buzzer beater.

Welcome Back Manu! Manu Ginobili is back in the lineup for the Spurs. The Spurs were able to weather the storm and managed to get wins while Manu and Tony Parker were down and out. He scored 12 points off the bench in the win over Memphis.

Antonio Mcdyess has decided to join the Detroit Pistons again. He will be able to sign with the Pistons on December 3rd. I didn't watch the game two nights ago but where the hell were the Pistons? Losing 106-80 to the Wolves?

The line of the night last night was CP3's triple double, 14, 10 & 17. This was his second straight triple double of the season. His SECOND STRAIGHT triple double....crazy!

According to the New York Daily News, Zach Randolph is officially a Clipper. What are the Clips supposed to do with all those bigs? Randolph, Kaman, Thornton and Camby? I smell a trade....
The latest rumor? Charlotte's Jason Richardson for Chris Kaman, as reported by The trade would make sense for both teams where the Clippers would fill the shooting guard void and for Charlotte, Emeka Okafor could move to his natural position at power forward. Clips would have a stellar starting 5: Davis, J-Rich, Thornton, Randolph and Camby.

Tonight, Lebron @'s all the hype. Lebron will debut his "Big Apple" sneaker. Who owns them? Lebron, Ahmad Rashad, Jay-Z and Spike Lee. "Big Apple" Lebrons? Cleveland fans should be worried. Ahmad Rashad predicts 60 pts from Lebron tonight, Gary Payton predicts 35 and Chris Webber predicts 47. We'll see. Lebron NY in 2010 is all the hype.....and it's only 2008.


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