November 19, 2008


Chris Bosh was bananas. Yes, anytime a player has a performance like Bosh's tonight you either have to say "sick" or "bananas" As for the rest of the Raps, they were a little ugly. JO was in foul trouble, Anthony Parker couldn't get it going, Andrea Bargnani had 3 boards, I don't think that was the gameplan. The Raps had an opportunity to redeem themselves against the Orlando Magic but lost to Orlando 103-90.

Chris Bosh was phenomenal with 40 pts, 18 reb, 2 steals, 1 block (99.5 fps!)

Will Solomon got the start at point again....his game was a little ugly but give him credit, it was only his second start. Jameer Nelson easily won the point guard battle as he went for 20+ pts and Solomon had 10 points and 7 turnovers. Turnovers were a big problem from the Raps with 21 turnovers.

Raps did a good defensive job on Dwight Howard but Orlando's Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis & Hedo Turkoglu all went off and each scored 22 pts.

Anthony Parker, Andrea Bargnani and the rest of the Raps didn't do much of anything, Chris Bosh kept them in the game. The Raps were so bad, even Matt Devlin was even knocking the Raps, Roko and Will Solomon during the game. It's a little hard right now to see if the Raps are that much better than last season. It takes time for chemistry & development but they need more from their guards to win games. Jose Calderon needs to be back on the floor. I think Raps fans were expecting a better start for the Raps, but they just need to get a streak rolling and have to get a win against a good team to get their confidence going. Raps face the Miami Heat for a second time tomorrow.


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