November 27, 2008

My Fave Five: Roko, A.I., Manu, Rambis and the Red Rocket

Another "must win" game tomorrow for the Raps. Raps vs. Atlanta. I did a simulation on my Xbox 360, and the Hawks won 120-101. The only thing is that I played as the Raps and I suck at NBA 2K9. Hopefully, tomorrows result will look a little better.

Since the Raps are on an off night, here's the starting 5 for tonight:

At point guard, "WE WILL, WE WILL ROKO" U-kic

Courtesy of is a nice little piece on Raptors guard, Roko Ukic. The Croation guard is making his NBA debut this year. He looks like he's about 14 but he's had some professional experience in Europe and he's actually 23. His dad played for one of the greatest Croatian rock bands, Daleka Obala.

It's time to get to know your Raptors. Shoutouts to the thehoopdoctors & their piece on Roko Ukic.

At shooting guard, Allen Iverson.

EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! Allen Iverson misses practice.

We've seen this video so many times. A.I. be talking about practice! Not a game, he be talking about practice!

And today he was a no-show to practice. According to the Detroit Free Press, Iverson skipped out on the Pistons Thanksgiving Day practice. Anyhow, looks like he will be fined and coming off the bench on Friday when they play Milwaukee.

Maybe he wanted to catch the Titans whooping of the Detoit Lions today.

Also, check out the rap battle between A.I. & Kobe at Cast your vote today!

At small forward, Manu Ginobili

Spurs took care of the Bulls last night. Check the tasty dish by Manu on Again......Welcome back Manu!

At power forward, Kurt Rambis

The best moustaches of the NBA. displays what real moustaches should look like.

At centre, Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner doesn't sport Nike Air Jordans, he sports New Balance Bonners.

Courtesy of, former Raptor Matt Bonner sees himself as a boring guy. He loves Subway and drives a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. Another fact about Matt Bonner? No cavities. Exciting.


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