November 19, 2008

Flash for 40 but Raps win...

Too bad the Raps couldn't play the Heat for 82 games.

The Raps looked a hell of a lot better tonight beating the Heat 101-95. First of all, the Raps didn't need to deal with inexperienced Will Solomon at the point because Jose Calderon was back and they needed his return. I still can't get over the fact that Matt Devlin dissed Solomon's game on the air on Tuesday.

The word of the day was "turnover" when talking about the Raps 20+ turnover performance (Will Solomon had 7 of them) on Tuesday. Every blog, new article, sports highlight, Sam Mitchell quote, etc. had talked about how bad the Raps turned it over last night. Well, they made big improvements with only 10 turnovers this time around.

Dwyane Wade & the Heat made a run, and Wade went off for the Heat for 40 points, 11 assists, 5 blocks and some sick, wicked & nasty jams.

Andrea Bargnani had a great game with 25 pts going 3 for 4 from beyond the arc....Anthony Parker played well going 5 for 5 at the three point line...JO was a monster on the boards with 16 pts and 17 boards for his 5th stragiht double double. This was a performance very similar to Sunday's game.

As a Raps fan, it was a good win but keep in mind that the Heat were a lottery team last year. We need the Raps knock off some tough teams like Boston, Detroit or a Western powerhouse.

And for our Filipino readers, U-E found out this gem of a fact. Miami coach, Erik Spoelstra is half Filipino...and he's currently the youngest NBA head coach.


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