December 18, 2008

Top Ten Things Heard at the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday Night

You got it all wrong! The A.C.C Crowd Wasn't Booing..

Ok, ok, Raptor fans are pissed. Chris Bosh has been horrible as of late, Bargnani has no confidence whatsoever, the Raptors are not closing out games and the biggest news today are the stories of the Toronto fans booing the Raps at Wednesday night's game. Chris Bosh now thinks the fans aren't supporting the Raps but I don't think Toronto fans (Canadian fans at that) would boo their home team.

I'm thinking the Toronto media are getting it confused, we have several theories:

10. Fans were cheering for "Jamario MOOOOOOOOOOON"

9. Or maybe it was just the crowd chanting "We love Chris BOOOOOOOOO - sh!"

8. Was it crowd chants of "Roko YOOOOOOOO-kic" or maybe the crowd was crying for "Jake Vosk-OOOOOOOOOOO-l" to come into the game?

7. Chants of Joey Gr-OOOOOOOOOOO-m? Maybe? He had a good game. Maybe he's getting married? And he's the groom?

6. I know, I know......Kevin YOOOOOOOOOU-kilis! Man, who doesn't love YOOOOK? Shit, that's baseball.

Maybe it was just fans ordering food "I want TWWOOOOOOOOO hot dogs and TWWOOOOOOOO beers!"

4. Or Raps fans may have been chanting that their favorite blog is "HOOOOOOOOOOP Heads North!"

3. Or maybe, because Canadians are so polite, everyone was passing by each other all at the same time and saying "Exc-UUUUUUUUUUUUse me"

2. Maybe it's that Toronto fans were still reeling about the recent NFL game in Toronto and they wanted more FOOOOOOOOOOOT-ball? Huh, huh? Maybe? Or that former Toronto Maple Leaf, Mats Sundin recently signed with the Van-COOOOOOOOOOO-ver Canucks?

1. Or maybe they were talking about Nathan Jawai being cleared to practice and the fact he's from Australia, the home of animals like Koala bears and kanga-ROOOOOOOOOOS?

Or maybe it was all just "Boooos", who knows....

(in case you were wondering, yes Simpsons' fans, this was inspired by the Boo-urns episode, watch the clip)


Jeffrey Manuel Wong December 19, 2008 at 2:19 PM  

Boo-urns. Classic.

Or maybe the fans were singing along to that intro music (Whoooooo Are You? Who Who...).

Nah. They're booing. And I'm sure BC will do something about it: Raptors-logoed muzzles for the first 20,000 fans!

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