December 3, 2008

That's A Rap......In The Third Quarter


I have a nephew that played Mini ball a few years ago. One of the rules was that if one team was running the other team off the floor, they just stopped scoring for the rest of the game. Tonight's game was one of those games. At the end of the 3rd, they should have just turned off the scoreboard. The Denver Nuggets had 100 points at the end of the third. The Denver Nuggets just walloped the Raps 132-93.

Chauncey Billups just buried the Raps. When he drove he scored, when he penetrated he dished off to Nene or Melo, when he felt like it, he hit big buckets. The Nuggets had no problems with the Raps at all. The Raps took a bunch of jumpers in the first and could not get it going from the start.

Jermaine O'Neal made his return and had 12 pts. Chris Bosh had 24 and 12.

As for the Nuggets, Chauncey and Melo led the way with 24pts and 23pts respectively.

On an off topic, I think the Denver Nuggets are the most tatted team in the NBA. (These are the things you notice when you watch a blowout)

This was just a straight up horrible game for the Raps from the beginning and the Nuggets had their way with them. Raps have to learn to play better D and try to keep teams to 25 pts/quarter. The Nuggets were able to shoot 60% vs. the Raps disappointing 37% from the floor. In all of the Raps wins, they held teams to under 100 points. The Nuggets scored 132 tonight.

Raps have a tough stretch of games still and Utah is up next (Friday) Let's hope this leads to a better result.....ugh.

Photo Credit: (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)


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