December 8, 2008

Time To Reunite Smitch, Babcock & Hoffa

Another one bites the dust.......another coach down.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota Timberwolves have fired their head coach, Randy Wittman after their 4-15 start. He was the 4th NBA head coach (after Sam Mitchell) to be fired this season.

I really thought NBATV's Rick Kamla had a great idea for the Minnesota Timberwolves. If you read his article on, Sam Mitchell (former Minnesota Timberwolve) would be a perfect fit. And now that Randy Wittman has officially been fired, the Wolves should pursue Sam Mitchell and reunite the former Raptors coach with former Raptors GM Rob Babcock, who is an assistant GM with the Wolves. Kevin McHale says he plans to remain as the Wolves head coach but this would be a perfect opportunity for Sam Mitchell. It would give him an chance to start with a young team and turn around the re-building franchise.

Then all they would need to do is recruit "Hoffa" Rafael Araújo (wherever he is) to the Wolves.

HoopHeadsNorth got some love on Yahoo!'s NBA blog, Ball Don't Lie!


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