October 31, 2008

Raptors, Bulls, and Beards, oh my!

It's shortly after the Raptors have sent their fan faithful home happy with a win in the season home opener over the Golden State Warriors, so I felt it was only right to drop my first post here on HoopHeadsNorth. How about Bargnani off the bench tonight?!! That's the production the Raptors organization has been waiting for. His off-season work out regimen and working with J.O. down in Vegas may pay dividends.

I'm thinking the Raps may need to stick with the
new Black third jerseys all season if they keep playing like this. 2-0 on the season, 2-0 in the Blacks unis.

Meanwhile my Bulls are getting destroyed by the Celtics - at the time of my typing they are down 66-43. The Bulls are devoid of ANY low post game right now - Deng, Gray, and Gooden have to make a concerted effort to work more down in the block...I was REALLY hoping last year was an aberration...but now I'm not so sure...and it's only the 2nd game of the season, and the Bulls won the first one!

In the last post, Romes linked to a pic showing the 'Freeway-esque' look
that Rip Hamilton is sporting these days - well, you NEED to peep what Drew Gooden has going on this year! You may remember the beard growing competition between DeShawn Stevenson & Drew last year, well I guess Drew wanted to do something new this time around! I mean, I'm all about personal expression - but dawg - it's a good thing you're a professional athlete to be able to pull that off...or not...

The season is just getting started...and you can bet that means I'm just getting started here @ HoopHeadsNorth. See y'all back here quicker than an A.I. crossover...


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