October 12, 2008

Bosh-J.O., the 2008 Twin Towers?

  • NBA preseason is here! I caught the Raptors debut in Toronto against Mike D'antoni's Knicks. Raps look a little different this year; no Delfino, no TJ, no Rasho, no Garbajosa, no Primoz but they do have J.O. in the lineup this time around. They've been comparing the Bosh-J.O. combo to my fave twin towers, Tim Duncan and David "The Admiral" Robinson. They looked a little rusty in the win, but when you have two bigs trying to co-exist, it may take a little time for the chemistry to come around. Raps take on Elton Brand and the new-look Sixers tonight.
  • It was my first time to check out Matt Devlin (Chuck Swirsky's replacement) and his play by play. I'd say he was alright, nothing special. I'll give him a few more games before I can really give an opinion on his announcing, we're gonna miss Chuck Swirsky and his "Swirsky-isms"
  • I just finished watching the Nets-Heat game in London.....very exciting game for the London crowd. NJ beat the Heat 94-92.
  • If you haven't check Chris Bosh's video blogs, check them out on youtube or at chris-bosh.com, I hear he's battling Baron Davis for video blog supremacy.
  • My annual fantasy hoops league is up and running again this year. The league name is Hali Hoops Vol.VI on Yahoo! fantasy sports. In its fifth season, I have taken home 3 championships but fell to a disappointing 4th last season, I got to get my research game on for the draft next week, I'll keep you posted. Hoopheadsnorth co-writer U-E came in second last season.
  • As far as the video games scene, Ive tested out both NBA 2K9 and NBA Live '09 for the XBOX 360. And I know EA has come out with some big improvements this year but 2K9 gameplay is so much better and realisitic. EA graphics look a lot better but in terms of gameplay, 2K9 has it hands down again.


San Fran October 31, 2008 at 10:42 PM  

I haven't been much of a gamer since Sega Dreamcast & XBox, circa 2001...but I did buy a Wii a few months ago.

I have kept the gaming to a minimum over the years since fantasy sports, watching sports live or on TV, or playing them takes up pretty much any spare time/hobby time I have these days...

But, your comments on 2K9 make me want to check it out...but I'm nervous it'll become an obession - hahaha

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