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January 26, 2009

SUCKA FREE 6: Who didn't suck in the NBA last week

Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder didn't suck
Last week: 35pts, 13 rebounds, 4.5assists, 2.5 steals

Durant had a career-high 46 pts, 15 rebounds and 2 steals against the LA Clippers last week. Durant went head to head with Eric Gordon who scored 41 for the Clips. Durant had 27 pts & 12 rebounds against the Golden State Warriors as well.

Paul Millsap of the Utah Jazz didn't suck
Last week: 21pts, 13rebounds and 2 assists
Paul Millsap continued to be a double double machine as he returned from injury. His last four games: 28/15, 20/12, 24/15 and 12/10.

Andrew Bynum of the LA Lakers didn't suck
Last week: 23 pts, 11 boards, 2 blocks
The Clippers just got killed with career high perfomances. First, Kevin Durant and then Andrew Bynum. Andrew Bynum had 42pts and 15 boards against the LA Clippers and also recieved the Western Conference Player of the Week. Lakers have won four in a row.

Brandon Roy of the Portland Trail Blazer didn't suck
Last week: 18pts, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals

Brandon Roy almost had a quadruple double, with 22 points, 7 assists, six rebounds and a whopping TEN STEALS against the Wizards. He tied a Blazers franchise record with the ten thefts.

The Boston Celtics didn't suck
Last week: Won 8 straight
The defending champs have gotten out of their funk and knocked off Phoenix, Miami, Orlando and Dallas with ease, beating each team by double figures.

Check out the piece on The Truth, Paul Pierce:

Photo credit: (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)


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